Easy Collaboration, Without the Headache

Our healthcare specific permissions make it easy to to quickly grant access, restrict permissions, and maintain control over what actions users can perform in Connect.

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Loyal consumer and conversation platform

Fine Grained Details

Each data point affects search results, profile accuracy, and much more. That’s why it’s important to restrict or grant access down to the most granular level. Whether it’s access to edit an email address or add additional clinical taxonomy verbiage, Connect’s Permission Details allows administrative users the ability to easily adjust permissions to any data field with the click of a button.

Loyal is the world's first digital patient experience platform

Manage Users Easily

A single health system can have thousands of users, and each user will need permission to adjust certain data to perform day-to-day functions. Connect makes it easy to adjust user permissions through a set of predefined permissions based on role or team, or assign custom permissions that you grant. An unlimited number of accounts provides flexibility for managing contributors and data managers.

Loyal is the world's first digital patient experience platform