Guide For Contact Centers

Now your team can truly ‘work smarter, not harder.’ Guide integrates easily with call center workflows, but no chat agents required. Our multi-functional live chat + chatbot platform automates interaction in an instant and creates efficiencies with each engagement.

Built for Healthcare

Since Guide was designed just for health systems, our tools and features support your specific user needs and workflows from provider lookup and service line specific queues, to EHR integration. Even more, it’s all powered by a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform that easy (and enjoyable) to use.

Built for healthcare

Team Productivity

Health system contact centers are notorious for frustrating phone trees and long hold times. But Guide can help change all of that. With our live chat platform, your agents can message with multiple patients at once - decreasing hold times and increasing satisfaction. Productivity features like canned response templates, agent queues and unlimited access make Guide an invaluable support tool for driving team efficiency.

Team productivity


Whether it’s answering FAQs that normally tie up the phone lines, working overtime after hours or facilitating a warm handoff to live chat, our AI-driven chatbot makes Guide and integral member of your team. Agents get support and patients get answers with our multi-functional platform that is truly the best of both worlds.

AI supported