Guide For Marketing

With Guide, helping patients find a doctor and location is just the beginning. Our chatbot solution supports your team with features and use cases that go beyond website navigation. From lead generation to messaging amplification - we have you covered.

Lead Generation

Increase patient acquisition with Guide features that drive conversion and allow you to track and measure your success. Our platform not only allows you to capture form data in an engaging chat format, but also track lead source for campaign attribution and ROI tracking.

Lead generation

Consumer Insights

What are your site visitors looking for? Simply ask them. While standard website analytics tools only tell you a part of the story, Guide allows you to view and understand consumer intent in order to deliver the information and experience they want and need.

Consumer insights

Message Amplification

In healthcare, communicating the right message at the right time is crucial. Whether you need to quickly disseminate an urgent announcement or simply promote a new service, Guide’s conversational format engages site visitors and amplifies your messages in real-time.

Message amplifcation

Brand Customization

Your brand is important. That’s why we built the Guide platform with advanced customization features that allow you to tailor the chat to compliment your system’s branding. It looks, feels, and sounds like you, because it’s designed for you.

Brand customization

Easy Implementation

We know how busy you are, so we made implementing Guide remarkably simple to get started. Even better, our flexible and friendly API makes it quick and easy to integrate with all of your existing marketing tools from your CRM to your App.

Easy implementation