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The Word on Voice Assistants & HIPAA Compliance

Voice is big and getting bigger, but what does that mean for healthcare marketers? Here’s where we are with voice in 2019 — and where we’re...

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Harnessing Chat to Understand Consumer Intent

Web analytics help health organizations understand what customers want, but does it paint the complete picture? Chat is an opportunity to un...

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Chatbots vs. Live Chat: Finding the Sweet Spot Between Human and Artificial Intelligence

Chat has become a familiar feature on websites, but do you need a team of human operators standing by, or can a chatbot powered by artificia...

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HIPAA Compliance & Technology: What It Is – And How to Get It

HIPAA compliance can be a confusing subject, even for people working in the healthcare space. What does HIPAA compliance mean from a technol...

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Embracing Doctor Ratings: Own Your Reviews and Gain Patient Trust

Taking control of your digital reputation can be good for physicians and patients alike, and embracing reviews and star ratings is a win-win...

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Smarter Patient Experience: A Beginner’s Guide to AI in Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence is a buzzword in healthcare and beyond, but sometimes isn't clearly defined. Here's a beginner's guide to what AI is...

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