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OHSU Commits to Transparency With Empower, Leads to SEO Benefits and Increased Patient Engagement

OHSU's core mission value is transparency. That's why they partnered with Loyal...

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Columbus Regional Health's Physician Profile Page Traffic Surges With Empower

Columbus Regional Health drives organic search results and increases new patient acquisition by publishing physician reviews with Empower....

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Southcoast Health Introduces Branded Chatbot to Help Site Visitors Find Answers

Recognizing that today’s healthcare consumers expect an effortless online experience, Southcoast Health sought to position themselves as mar...

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Piedmont Healthcare Reduces Billing Contact Center Customer Wait Time by 85% With Guide

Piedmont Healthcare was looking for a better way to address billing and financial assistance questions for their patients....

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Piedmont Healthcare Achieves a 70% Decrease in Bounce Rate With Guide

Piedmont Healthcare was looking for a way to better address patient needs while on their website.  After identifying a 70% bounce rate acros...

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