Spear Phishing Attack Notice - Updated 9/15/2020

If you have recently received an email or message from loyalhealth.org, loyalhealth.net or telegram account, you may be the recipient of a spear phishing attempt directed at you. Any telephone numbers, emails from loyalhealth.org, loyalhealth.net and Telegram are fictitious and are not associated with Loyal Health, Inc., loyalhealth.com or any Loyal employee

If you believe that you are the victim of this phishing attack, we recommend that you reach out to your financial institutions to secure your account(s) and the three major credit reporting agencies to freeze your credit accounts. Loyal has reported this activity to the FBI under the HIPAA Security Rule (45 CFR 160, 162, and 164). You may report the activity to the FBI at ic3.gov and contact your local law enforcement bureau for additional guidance.